It’s crazy how much things can happen within just a week. I’ve been suffocated by so much responsibility, planning, and problems that takes forever to fix. I’m currently in between classes, and I have to wait until tomorrow to talk to my professor before I can decide whether or not I can take this certain course. The deadline’s on the 12. Then the recruitment team from Pi Kappa Alpha and I are planning a coffee house event but none of the venues are being responsive to us. I have all these other events to keep up with, and then I have to also plan my life because school is already feeling intense with all these group projects, assignments, quizzes- oh my goodness. Then there’s my chemical engineering club which I have fundraising events every week for, so I have to email people, coordinate stuff, and it’s just all too much!!!!

My Estee Lauder application is due tomorrow and although I worked so hard on my cover letter and resume that I could hand it in tonight, it’s like I’m putting it off because I’m terrified it’s not good enough. Then there’s house hunting, which isn’t going too well. We signed a lease yesterday and we were so ready it call it ours, but guess what? Literally a few hours, a group of people came in with $800 in cash each and snatched the house right under us. Ain’t that something? Now we’re just stressing even more because we have more houses to look at and it’s just so overwhelming…

I’m probably going to go back to applying for co-op jobs then ending the night reading some 3G.

Until then, I’ll talk to you later! Keep you updated.


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