Pro and Cons


  • He treats you like a princess when he wants to
  • He cuddles nice and bangs well
  • He holds your hand in public, very affectionate
  • He was your Pike formal date
  • You guys were a cute Greek couple
  • He was the closest thing to a boyfriend
  • You had someone to talk to
  • You had someone there
  • You had someone to be with whenever you were alone
  • He made you feel special
  • 6’2
  • He was yours
  • When he was nice… he was so nice…
  • He was a nice chase


  • It was only to his convenience
  • He only messages late at night/when he’s drunk
  • We never hang out during the day or go on cute dates
  • He chooses his friends over you all the time
  • He’s a total dude
  • He’s not even that good looking
  • He’s not over his exgirlfriend
  • Secretive
  • Never messages you
  • Doesn’t believe in jealousy
  • Controlling
  • Fully told you he’s not your boyfriend…
  • Anger issues – would leave in middle of discussion
  • You never know what’s going on in his head
  • He has a fucking high ass ego
  • Gets scared of any sign of committment, seriousness, or relationship
  • He never wants to be in a relationship
  • Wasn’t always there
  • Horrible at comforting you when you were sad

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